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What Are The Tips To Run A McAfee Antivirus Scan To Stay Safe?

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Scanning your system every once in a while is necessary to stay safe. By taking proper care of your system, you can prolong its life and ensure that your data also remains safe. But scanning the system fully can be a little difficult. McAfee Technical Support brings you the tips to scan your system which will detect any remains of the virus and destroy them fully.

Here Are The Steps To Scan Your System Via McAfee Antivirus

  • Double click on the icon of MacAfee which was initially downloaded and installed on your system.
  • Look for the section labelled as updates on your screen. Click on the section to check for new programs and virus definition. By this, you can find new virus definitions and take the necessary actions against it. Wait for the Update status to load to read current section.
  • Look for the section of real-time scanning on the screen and click on it. You will see a list of options on the right side of the McAfee total protection window
  • Click on "scan your PC" when the program window loads click on the option of a run full scan. Now antivirus will run a full scan on your system and check through all file and folders. Any threat identified during the scan will be listed on the main window of the antivirus.
  • You can even track the progress of the scan, and you can notice how many gigabytes have been checked.

By following the above steps, you can make sure that your system will stay safe from any kind of threat. But if you continue to have any problem in scanning your system, we advise you to contact MacAfee Helpline Number 1800-958-237 to get answers of your any query. We will guide you through all your doubts.

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